Monday, 17 October 2011

How I started

I still remember my first commercial that I did when I was only 13 years old. It was for Maxis and the commercial was only showed in prints : newspapers, magazines etc. I was clueless of what I had to do. Of course! It was my first modelling debut and I was camera shy. I would post the picture on here but I'm not very sure where I placed it, must be somewhere around the house. Anyways, as per usual getting the first job was quite a process but soon after the Maxis job, I landed more and more commercial jobs. Alhamdullillah. :) I went on doing an ad for Astro, soon after that was an f&n drink, gardinier, maggi and many more. It felt good to be earning money at such a young age. I even travelled to Jakarta for a major job which caused me to skip school for 5 days. It was worth it though. Then I realised, apart of me had a big passion for acting. I won't lie if  I said when I was younger I would sometimes look in the mirror and start to act by myself right after I watch a certain film that I like, or even give different characters to my barbie dolls while I play with them or even randomly perform in front of my parents of any random acts... cause I did all that! haha. 

I only pursued acting after high school. My dad didn't really allow me to at the time because of the big exam, SPM. So, I listened to him :) In the year 2008, I landed my first acting role "Zaleha" in the drama '5 Jingga'. 5 Jingga is basically a musical drama which had the elements of humour, heartbreaks and love. It is a very light drama which I had heaps fun acting in it. I would say by far, 5 Jingga is the best and exciting drama series I have been in. It is a very memorable one. 

Currently, I have one more year left to finish off my education. As soon as I do, I will focus 100% on this passion of mine. Harap2 you guys boleh sabar dan teruskan menyokong saya. I am truly blessed of what's in store for me right now. Hopefully year 2012 would be a much better one InsyaAllah :)

p/s : Will post more updates soon :)