Thursday, 17 November 2011

Latest Works

Hi Everybody!!!!! Well if you guys have seen 'Kekasih Awal dan Akhir' which was aired on TV9 last November 9th, we got good reviews and good ratings! taa to all of you that watched! Much love. As for me, I could have done better but it's ok.. will try my best next time if I ever land a bed ridden role again :)

Before I leave to UK which is on the 3rd of December for the whole month, I agreed to do one last telemovie wrapping this year of a lot of hard work and success. I would like to thank all of you guys again for making my dreams come true. :) A telemovie 'Aku Untuk Siapa' is different from all the characters that I've played. Good script by (SWAM). She (Julia) basically grew up without any love and always came second in any decision making. Her mother despises her. Her dad is too busy chasing after money and she also has one sister who is just about 3 years younger than her that also look at her as if she was dirt. Conclusion is....... haha! Why did the mother hated Julia so much? What has she done to deserve all that??

Watch 'Aku Untuk Siapa' on the 3rd of December 2011 on TV3 at 10pm. :)

After I come back from UK, I will be put straight away to work on my film film debut 'Kerat 14'. No, it's not what you think.. The storyline has not been played anywhere. It is fully fresh so wait for it :) A thriller movie coming your way.

Monday, 17 October 2011

How I started

I still remember my first commercial that I did when I was only 13 years old. It was for Maxis and the commercial was only showed in prints : newspapers, magazines etc. I was clueless of what I had to do. Of course! It was my first modelling debut and I was camera shy. I would post the picture on here but I'm not very sure where I placed it, must be somewhere around the house. Anyways, as per usual getting the first job was quite a process but soon after the Maxis job, I landed more and more commercial jobs. Alhamdullillah. :) I went on doing an ad for Astro, soon after that was an f&n drink, gardinier, maggi and many more. It felt good to be earning money at such a young age. I even travelled to Jakarta for a major job which caused me to skip school for 5 days. It was worth it though. Then I realised, apart of me had a big passion for acting. I won't lie if  I said when I was younger I would sometimes look in the mirror and start to act by myself right after I watch a certain film that I like, or even give different characters to my barbie dolls while I play with them or even randomly perform in front of my parents of any random acts... cause I did all that! haha. 

I only pursued acting after high school. My dad didn't really allow me to at the time because of the big exam, SPM. So, I listened to him :) In the year 2008, I landed my first acting role "Zaleha" in the drama '5 Jingga'. 5 Jingga is basically a musical drama which had the elements of humour, heartbreaks and love. It is a very light drama which I had heaps fun acting in it. I would say by far, 5 Jingga is the best and exciting drama series I have been in. It is a very memorable one. 

Currently, I have one more year left to finish off my education. As soon as I do, I will focus 100% on this passion of mine. Harap2 you guys boleh sabar dan teruskan menyokong saya. I am truly blessed of what's in store for me right now. Hopefully year 2012 would be a much better one InsyaAllah :)

p/s : Will post more updates soon :)