Monday, 4 February 2013


Oh my god.. It has been quite a while since my last post. Sorry guys! But hey, let me keep you updated with my 2013 projects. My my my.. It's February already? Where did January go?? Anyways, so far everything has been going swimmingly. My drama 'Ruby' which is now airing on TV3 is getting good feedbacks I hear. Thank you all for watching. I try to stay away from being stereotyped for each character that I play. It's important to challenge myself with different roles, different scenes and different scripts. Playing Syuhara in Ruby did break the ice a bit because the characters i brought in my previous dramas 'Terlanjur Cinta and Nora Elena' were quite deep and heavy. Syuhara was fun and very vibrant. Perky and optimistic which I have in me myself. 'Ruby' is a light comedy which sends out a lot of thoughtful messages on finding love, building a stronger friendship and family bonding. This is also my first time working with MIG, the production company. So to David Teo and his wife Jane, thanks a bunch!

Currently I am working on my second drama, Asmara Luna produced by JS Pictures. You may all know Sis Sheila Rusly, the famous Malaysian actress? Well, she offered me the lead role on this one as she is the producer. Let me tell you! It is extremely a joy working with her and her team. At first, I was quite reluctant. Lol! I don't know why but I'm glad I made the right choice to work with her. The script is beautiful, not your typical hero/heroin, lovey dovey catch me if I fall story.. But it's about reconciliation between mother and daughter after 21 years. About a girl name Luna who never knew her birth mom and was determined to find her to reconcile with her. Does she get into her mothers life? Did the mother accepted her? So don't forget to watch this coming April TV3, slot Lestary. The line of cast are amazing too. Sofia Jane, Liza Abdullah, Riezman, Roy Azman, Miera Liyana, Syukri Yahya, Aidil Aziz, Kartina Aziz and many more. 

A couple of movies are in line and are waiting to be filmed. My first movie this year 'Bikin FileM'  will start production early March. I play a girl name Zelda. It's a supporting role but I was jumping in my seat when I read the script. It's different and fresh! It's a joy to be a part of this film. This is the same production which filmed 'Aku, Dia Dan Tong Sampah' back in September 2012. Can't wait to shoot! What's more exciting is that...... My first movie is coming out in cinemas February 2013! Kerat 14, a thriller/action movie about a couple accidentally trapped in a horrifying situation where they have to chop a dead body into 14 pieces. It's misterious, it's dark, it's sexy! Catch it in cinemas starting February 14th.

Until now, goodnight! Will Sambung tomorrow. Selamat Malam.