Friday, 3 August 2012

Our Singapore Trip

Hello All! I want to share a bit of my Singapore trip I had last month. It was right after my sister's birthday. So, this was her birthday treat from me. A trip to Singapore and to explore USS (Universal Studios Singapore). This was my second time to USS and it was so much better this time round. The transformers ride.... oh yeah, one of my favourites. 

So yeah, I went with my sister as well as my manager, Adam and his gorgeous wife Ezlynn. It was a three days two nights stay. Soon as we landed Singapore, our first day was hectic. A good hectic of course :) We did so many things. First, obviously we went to check into our hotel. Then, the taxi driver took us to Marina Bay Sands Tower/mall. It was a beautiful, interesting design. A ship on top of a building c'mon! But before we started touring, I could not help but shop. Good advise from my manager though 'Sal, buy stuff you can't get in KL only' and so I did :) 

We had lunch then we went straight to an exhibition. A Harry Potter exhibition. My sister was blown away by it. I knew she would love it because she never missed any of the films. She even has all the collection of the books. So, it was an interesting exhibition. Learning about the props and costumes they designed for the film and seeing each sets right in front of your eyes.  We did not miss out on the souvenirs :)

Right after that, we went on the ship. Haha, yes the Marina Bay Sands Tower right on the 56th level. It was hot! But if you are about in Singapore, stay in this hotel, on the ship :) It is beautiful. 

We spent our second day in USS. It was a school holiday so we bought the express tickets so we did not have to queue up. It was pretty smooth for us :) We went on almost all the rides and ate at the hot spots. Here are some pictures from the trip.