Thursday, 24 May 2012

These words fit perfectly.

Walking up the hill tonight 
And you have closed your eyes
I wish I didn't have to make
All those mistakes and be wise
Please try to be patient 
And know that I'm still learning
I'm sorry that you have to see 
The strength inside me burning

Where are you my angel now
Don't you see me crying?
And I know that you can't do it all 
But you can't say I'm not trying
I'm on my knees in front of him 
But he doesn't seem to see me
But all his troubles on his mind
He's looking right through me
And I'm letting myself down 
By satisfying you
And I wish that you could see 
That I have my troubles too

Looking at you sleeping 
I'm with the man I love
I'm sitting here weeping 
While the hours pass so slow
And I know that in the morning 
I'll have to let you go
And you'll be just a man 
Once I used to know
And for these past few days 
Someone I don't recognize
This isn't all my fault 
When will you realize

Looking at you leaving, I'm looking for a sign.


  1. Dear lovely actress, by reading this I feel I'm crying in my heart. So deep in meaning yet too obvious to 'see'. Don't you believe in miracle? Don't blame yourself coz you're catching up with the meaning of life. Learning is the process of becoming matured in everything. We all make mistakes although not all brave enough to admit them. Clearly you need a cooling off period. I strongly believed that 'HE' still fond of you. Be patient, give yourself & 'HE' a space to readjust the twisted relationship. Someday, 'HE' will understand. Don't loose 'HOPE'.

  2. In real life, 2 things are very important 1. Career 2. Family. Seems you have the conflict. You're still young. Stabilized your career first. Only then go and find your real 'Mr. Right'. Don't take unnecessary risk. We only live once. Make wise decision. I hope there's no more misery poems like this one from you. Have a happy life. Good luck.

  3. Assalamualaikum Sal,

    I hope, this only a homework for your current film. Although I realized something happen in your personal life, I pray the best solution for you. We, TSS love you so much. We don't want anybody to hurt you. However, sometimes it is the only way to gain experience in life. I would like you to hear Celine Dion song as a reply to this song (The Hill -Once). " Thats The Way It Is"


  4. Although the wound will heal, the scar will still remains...

  5. It is better being yourself, who you really is..I am a plain ordinary person. Me?..Not a celebrity, not even a star wishing for glory. But I am happy with what I have..and I am not jealous of you..of what you become nor what you wish to be..never. What is the point of having a glamorous life but you suffer deeply in tears? (like what you mentioned above). I have found my true shine when I am being ordinary..and that's something beautiful. Be wise in choosing and loving someone :) Please choose the right career path in you life.

  6. There are countless man out there but the 'real' man is hard to get nowadays. And the real man with the true love is the hardest one. But still, there's no better plan than Allah does. Will pray the best man for u, forever...aminnn.

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  8. Not my fault..that you don't really understand other people's feeling :(

  9. You don't need a man in your life need a successful career.

  10. Still sleeping here...Zzzzzzzzzz....zzzzz.....zzzzzzz....until the year 2020...

  11. ....oh yes, can you wake me up when the year has come dear....thanks...gracias cont. ZZzzzz...ZZzzzz....zzzzzz.....