Monday, 16 April 2012

My Awesome 22

I was born on the 14th of March about 4.30am I think on a Tuesday. Was born in England in good ol' Essex but was raised in Malaysia. Yup, I'm a spring girl. My mom gave birth to all 4 of us in different seasons. Me-spring, Rohana-summer, Rosnah-Autumn and Shamsul-winter. Pretty cool huh? 

I am a pisces and so far from what I've heard, it's cool being one. We have all good personality traits. Mainly a good listener which I am. I like to think of other people first before myself. Understanding.. but you can't be too nice though right? I have learn my lesson. Pisces people are just too nice that sometimes at the end of the day, it is you who gets hurt. But that's life. 

Anyways, this new post is merely just sharing how my birthday celebration went this year. It was a fun one indeed. I have never actually spent my birthday as big as this year. We had a party planner! The beginning process was the most exciting one. How was theme going to be like? What food should we cater? What games? How was my birthday cake going to look like? So we sat and discussed. Firdus was her name, a party planner with her own company 'Party Poppers'. She organises all types of parties you name it. From pool parties to kids parties.. She does em' all!

My idea for my party was a pool party. Never had one so might just give it a go. We dressed in beach/summer dresses and the dessert table was so scrumptious. To top it all off, we had zorb ball as our interesting activity. Ahh, lots of laughter that day. 

Thank you Lizzy, Archie, Habiba, Angeline, Rohana, Syafinas, Sam, Adrian, Bun, Aimul, Ezlynn, Adam, Renaldo, Bianca, Nick and many more for sharing this special day with me. I love you all so much! 


  1. U look sweet & bohemian in the pics. I never been a malay movie addict (i'm intermarriage myself), but had an on 2 it since nora elena aired. Keep up the good work!!! We fans will support u 4rm the sidelines, hehe...^-^

  2. So today your birthday again right? Coz it Tuesday but now +- 4.30 pm :)

    Happy birthday :). This year triple celebration but different date 14, 15 and 24.

    24 pun Musim Bunga tapi Malaysia panas dan lembab sepanjang tahun. :) Ok lepas ni

    update la pula celebration 15/3 and 24/3 with TSS :) Ucapan Sal ringkas sangat

    masa 24/3 tu.

    I like this quote "Pieces people are just too nice that sometimes at the end of the day, it is you who gets hurt. But that's life."

    cadangan kak jaja, always be nice to people like you and me :) coz InsyaAllah you won't get hurt. Kami pun Pieces :) Tapi andai kata pernah terluka sebab terlalu baik kat kami selama ni, maafkan kami :)

    Sayang Sal,
    -Kak Jaja/ Ehsasjdeed

  3. waaa..look so exciting! happy belated birthday!! may ur life fill with happiness and full with love.. :)

  4. i've never celebrated my birthday as u did..gud luck yeah!
    we're always support u in whatever u r..

    -one of ur hard fans <3-

  5. I love your party!!! It looked so great....I can see it by looking all those pictures....really like your picture where you were thrown to the really looked cool...or cold hehe

    Four seasons for all 4 siblings...your parents must be an excellent family-planner :)...but honestly I love Spring!!!....with all those beautiful flowers on the windy & sunny day :)

    All the best in your life, study & career :)

  6. Good evening. Well, actually I am not supposed to put my comment yet not until this coming 3rd of May. Mistakenly pressed the button somehow, so I guess I might just go with it...(since I couldn't find the 'cancel' button somewhere). Happy belated birthday. How is it to be 22?...Are you happy? Getting self satisfaction now and ever? Things going well your way?...need a shoulder to rely on perhaps?...Dear Sally, your journey is still far, lots of things to learn, improve and explore. Take it by stages. Be patient, humble and obedient. Steer your dreams and passion with confident but not self pride. Someday, you'll be recognized and appreciated accordingly. Best wishes and good luck to you.

  7. Salam ceria. Apa khabar? Sihat hendaknya. Anda kini semakin menuju alam kedewasaan. Waktu untuk berubah kepada yang lebih baik semestinya diharapkan. Dalam kesibukan tugas harian kita mungkin terlupa orang - orang di sekeliling kita. Pandai - pandailah membawa diri dan berusahalah menjadi insan yang disenangi oleh masyarakat. Selamat ulangtahun kelahiran yang ke-22, walaupun sudah jauh kelewatan. Rezeki itu ada untuk setiap insan, yang penting usaha dan perancangan, semoga cerah nasib di masa depan. Jaga kesihatan.


  8. i love your pic in utusan minggu

  9. Hello actress, Happy Mother's Day...I know you've tried to be among the best. Keep it up...

  10. Hello actress...don't feel sad :-( life must go on right? be strong and cool for the next thing to come.

  11. Ur month of birthday same as mine!!!