Saturday, 25 February 2012


Hi guys. Assalamualaikum semua. 

My last two months has been really packed with work. Just how I like it and what a way to start the new year. I've finished two films recently which were 'Kerat 14- thriller' and 'Pak Pong -comedy/horror'. Both very exciting projects.  It is such an honour to be receiving an offer to a film and playing challenging roles. It is definitely a breathe of fresh air. Hopefully Kerat 14 will be showing on the silver screen somewhere in August. As for Pak Pong, it will be shown next year as the film contains many CGIs, not to mention the number of films lined up for 2012. ;) 

Currently I'm back in doing TV again. I miss it! It has been a while since I've done dramas and telemovies. Anyway, I recently just finished a cerekarama for tv3 'Semadikan Roh Aku'. This will be on air hopefully on the 10th or 17th of March. Yes, it is a horror flick. And NO I don't play the ghost. Hhaha! At first, the producer offered me the role of the ghost but I hesitated big time! Only because I played a ghost role before and standing on the side of the road in the dark is not a pretty sight and definitely not a good feeling. Not only that but I literally had to get into the whole make up effects with the long white hair you name it! It was creepy. Not to say I wouldn't take up a role like ever again that but if I had a choice to not do it, I wouldn't!

Now, I'm working on my latest telemovie for tv9 'Izan Azizan'. Comedy! It is so funny. I'm working alongside Sharifah Shahirah and Zizanin. So you can imagine the laughter and the craziness on set. Sometimes, I burst out laughing while delivering my lines because it's bloody hilarious. Aah.. I love my job........ This will be shown on the 7th of March. 

More to come. I will update soon. As for now, there are other stuff I would like to share too. 'Team Siti Saleha' will be launching the official fan club this coming 24th of March. For more details, please visit So come! It will be a celebration for my birthday as well so we can spend time and miggle around. Should be fun.

If I don't see you guys there then hopefully I will at ABP this April. InsyaAllah. Until now. 
Love, Saleha. 


  1. Wow! Alhamdulillah, saya tumpang gembira atas rezeki yang kak Saleha dapat. Saya doakan yg terbaik utk akak. :) By the way, I love your English writing. So smooth. Can you be my English teacher? hehe. Just kidding. All the best, sis! ;)

  2. mingle around it's preatty fun... hope to see you soon with new changes toward better.. towards the blessed Allah :)

  3. Salam, uishh banyaknye entry... Hehehehe....

  4. Waalaikumussalam,

    Terima kasih update blog, habis tu video hari tu tak jadi ke?
    Tak sabar nak tengok filem2 Sal.

    Saya suka lagi Sal jadi manusia :) dah perfect dan lawa buat apa make up hodoh kan? Buat demam.

    Yeah drama dgn SS2 pun mesti best. Hari tu SS2 kata kat twitter nak lepas award ABP satu kat Sal. Nanti masa shooting Sal tuntut ye, kata Ehsasjdeed ada simpan tweet tu. SS2 kata "ohhh baiklah..dia kalau tak bertanding pun menang kita macam2 hahahaha"

    Terima kasih share pasal TSS. InsyaAllah kita jumpa 24 March ni dah rindu nak jumpa Sal dan TSS yg lain :)


  5. W'sallam,
    Thanks fot the update. Really can't wait for the drama/telemovie which will be aired soon at TV3 &TV9. Syukur Alhamdillilah your rezeki semakin betambah. As a fan I always pray for sucess in your career & your future undertaking. Amin.

    We will always support you in whatever you do. Lots of love from us. :-)

  6. Wslm.

    Glad to know that. I hope you can improve ur acting and get the great line on ur career. I know u can go far if u hv big effort. Hopefully next year u will be nominate in ABPBH kay. Anyway, I can't wait for ur drama and film soon! Keep it up and will see u on March 24 soon.

    Love Siti Saleha <3 :)

  7. u...i nak suggest boleh? boleh tak letak kat blog ni your filem, telemovie, or drama? coz for everyone who late start to adore you (as me) looking for your drama tapi macam tak jumpa sangatla. boleh la kan?? apa kata TSS?
    p/s: jumpa this 24 march! blue n yellow!!

  8. sedihnya xdpt nk join 24mac ni...kena kerja..
    apapun ttp menyokong hasil seni siti saleha..
    all the best ya...
    “Remember that it’s not how much time you’ve worked that matters but what you have achieved within that time.”

  9. salam bro...errr bro? uhuhhu anyway nak tanya kalau gi german ape ole ole nak kirim eh ?

  10. I cant to watch ur latest telemovie...cuz of im searching who ever download izan azizan telemovie...pleaseeeee

  11. Assalammualaikum Sal,
    Whats ur update? Long time you not update your blog.sure busy with tons of acting offer

  12. Yes i have.. Been so busy. So sorry if i dont update as much.