Monday, 9 January 2012

Berlin, Germany

                                                          Brushing up on our German.
                 From 1920s Friedrichstrasse to today's Potsdamer Platz. One of the main attractions in Berlin.

                                   The Dome. Sadly we didn't get in because it was close that day.

        I thought I'll just snap a picture of the Berlin train. It has a very vintage, classic look to it. Gorgeous!
            Two of my friends. They weren't allowed up there to begin with but they went anyway.
                   Crazy guys, oh well kindda worth it since we didn't get in the Dome. lol
                             I love the fact that they still maintain the streets with stones and pebbles.
     We went right on top of the Victory Column (Siegessaule) whichs stands at 70m high on a round square on Strasse des. I literally was afraid of height at that time. Cars looked like ants. It was that high!
Ahh, what else than Hitler's bunker.. This is just a picture. The bunker has long been destroyed. Apparently, Hitler's body was burned but if you guys want to see some of his remaining, his teeth are in Moscow museum. That's all thats left according to the tour guide.


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  9. i went to berlin with my friends last the city! miss it already! :D