Monday, 9 January 2012

Salam Semua :)

Assalamualaikum dan apa khabar? Harap semua sihat alhamdullillah.

Well, how was your new years celebration? May all of you have a wonderful and prosperous new year ahead. I certainly enjoyed mine. It was good being in the arms of family back in England. I haven't been back to UK for almost three years and it was lovely seeing all my old friends and family again. Thank god there wasn't any drama while I was there! haha. Wouldn't be able to cope with it.

Life of 2011 has been one bumpy roller coaster. All in all, it was a good career year for me. Thank you all for making my dreams come true as well as supporting the whole way through despite some gossips which were irrelevant. I enjoyed making Nora Elena and I'm really glad most of you liked it. I will begin to make more projects this year and InsyaAllah you guys will stay by myside and support me :)

Yup in was bumpy as my personal life was filled with drama. However I got through it. Life is about making decisions and being happy. I am happy. I am blessed. There was a lot of scars but also many good memories. Think positive than negative right?? :) I am happy with the people in my life right now. A piece of advise, don't let go of the person you love and fight for them yea? Make them feel wanted and appreciate everything they have done for you and likewise.

What is in store of 2012? A couple of films in line. This year will be a busy career year. I will grab any opportunity that comes in my way and insyaAllah make the best of it. I will try to stay out of the tabloids especially those unwanted goss! haha. Not that I have any interesting stories.. I'm boring that way! hehe

Many comments that I read saying I don't blog a lot. Well, when I have time I will and of course it all falls down to the mood. haha. I have never blogged before this and honestly, writing is not my forte. However this year, I will. I will keep you guys updated here, as well as facebook and twitter.

Love you lots!!


  1. hepy new year sal n gud luck in your career..:)

  2. Happy New Year. i'm blogging since January 2010. But u hv talent in writing.. It's ok if u new in blogging can make u better after that :)

  3. Waalaikumussalam, khabar baik, Alhamdulilah sihat tapi agak sibuk. Sal berbakat dalam penulisan :)
    InsyaAllah akan sokong Sal. Nasihat yang baik.-Ehsasjdeed :-)

  4. Assallamualaikum.... Have a great year ahead for 2012. We will pray for your success in your career and we will support you till the end. InsyaAllah this year your rezeki akan bertambah. Luv always from your fan :)

  5. w'slm sis sal semoga 2012 ni memberi kejayaan kpd sis sal dlm drama & filem
    i will always support u
    luv u sis sal

  6. sumoga saleha lebih succes thn 2012...
    ingat kalo boleh elakkan gosip murahan..
    tingkatkan mutu lakonan agar lebih diingati..
    ada hikmahnya bila drama nora elena meletup..
    saleha lebih dikenali..yg plg penting Tuhan bukakan pintu rezeki
    utk saleha...jgn lupa pada DIA yang SATU....